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PLASTIC documents exploding architectural growth of downtown Vancouver, with particular attention paid to the Yaletown district. Most of these images were created during the winter months of 2006, either on my way to work or while wandering through the neighbourhood during my lunch break.

Over the past ten years I have witnessed open parking lots and worn-out warehouses evolve into high-rise condos and stylish storefronts. PLASTIC examines this evolution.

These images were made with plastic toy cameras, specifically a Woca and a Holga. The Woca is the “high-end” version of the Holga, and boasts a glass lens versus the Holga’s plastic lens. Both these cameras are limited to a couple of aperture settings (F11 and F8), with only one shutter speed of 1/100th sec. Since these images were primarily made during months with low lighting conditions, I was forced to expose each image two or three times in order to achieve the desired effect. The result is the layered composite of images to the film, which nicely compliments the layered evolution of this eclectic neighborhood.