YogaWhere, EveryWear

I’m not particularly interested in the practice of yoga, and even the thought of doing yoga in a group situation scares me. Although I may be convinced to trying yoga in the comfort and privacy of my own home. It might even help with my migraines. However, I am interested in yoga fashion, and how yoga is presented as the perfect balanced lifestyle, with a beach in the background, or waterfall, or Canadian lake or forest. We all should definitely own a pair of yoga tights, ideally Lululemon. It’s not a surprise that we see so many bodies tightly packaged in the goods on the streets, everywhere. Yoga tights with hoodies. Yoga tights with fur and Chanel clutch. Yoga tights, look so good, for all sizes and shapes.
But, in this project I went with my comfort zone, photographing these real people doing yoga in their home. Not at the beach, lake, forest or waterfall. Perhaps it all just a frame of mind.

The Orange Book

This book is a collection of images from two bodies of work “Stop Me” and “Installation”.
“Stop Me” is an ongoing series of people who I encounter on the street who demand my attention. 
I have paired these portraits with images of urban installations. “Installation”, these images is a continued transformation of my graphic design background into photography. I started my career as a graphic designer, and this has greatly influenced the way I see. I often photograph people and things in a two-dimensional graphic manner.

At Home

‘Comfort of Nudity’

At Home is a portrait series from photographer Trevor Brady that explores the relationship of the ‘comfort of nudity’ and that which we surround ourselves with to make our dwelling our home. The artist is careful to not refer to At Home as a nude series, sighting the term ‘nude’ as too glamorous for this work. ‘Naked’ appears to be a much more fitting moniker. That naked feeling transcends the work to affect each viewer on a level relative to his or her own comfort of nudity; they put themselves into each photograph. Perhaps it is the sincerity of the work that allows this, for Brady does not so much create a scene as document his subjects in the environment in which they live their daily lives - in their homes surrounded by their possessions, and all the personality and intimacy these settings reveal.

Cuba Drive-By

"Drive-By Cuba" a photographic document by Trevor Brady of Havana Cuba, it's people, architecture and culture.